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PowerCrafters was born from a combination of experience and necessity. Our team is dedicated to providing high-quality stretcher bars to print studios, large-scale photo labs, independent artists, photographers, and galleries. We use kiln-dried American sourced, sustainable finger-spliced pine to manufacture our giclée canvas stretcher frames and bars.


PowerCrafters' founder, Brian Abrahamson spent years working in sales and technical support for "M.L. Supplies", a supply company that manufactured stretcher bars as well as the Tensador line of stretching machines.  Some of you may remember him as your account manager. Brian spent even longer in his early days, running photo and photo-to-canvas companies and is easily one of the earliest adopters & most experienced professionals in giclée printing who is still around. Even after he left M.L. Supplies, Brian continued in a consulting capacity, receiving “tech support” requests from that owner John Morse, as well as from customers.  He became the “go-to guy" and the most logical candidate in the M.L. Supplies succession plan.


Brian Abrahamson


John Morse

Because he was doing the work and cutting bars anyway, Brian learned first-hand what canvas stretching companies want & need most, and decided to launch “PowerCrafters” to fulfill those needs, and more.  In mid-August, 2019, John Morse announced his retirement and the closing of M.L. Supplies.  This launched PowerCrafters into "full production mode."


With a handful of seasoned experts at the helm, PowerCrafters is proud to offer American-made, highest quality stretcher bars at extremely competitive wholesale prices - the exact products M.L. Supplies has been offering you for years.  We ship from our manufacturing facility in West Melbourne, Florida and would love to earn your business!

Thank you John, for your years of dedication and for developing such amazing products.  You will be missed!




You are assured a square, tight and durable product time after time. We don’t have different levels of quality based on your spend, we only offer premium grade, best quality stretcher bars that are manufactured and packaged in our West Melbourne facility, yet we are extremely competitively priced!  Call for samples. 

Meet the rest of the team:

Get to know the faces behind the voices: 



Brian's wife & "second in command" (Well, Brian thinks so anyway, but we all know the truth).  Angela is usually in front of at least three computers at time, and does much of the marketing & digital media.  Her desk looks like "mission control!"


"Mama Rita"

When she's not answering the phones, shredding old documents or calling you to make sure you're happy with our service, Rita is in the breakroom cooking up lunch for our team.  We've promised her a real stovetop someday, but she's pretty darn good with a crockpot and a microwave!


"Dano Da Warehouse Godfathah"

Dano is one of our saw-masters who takes a lot of pride in his work.  A sort of "McGyver," Dano has unique ways of fixing things and designing workarounds.  Dano is always there when we need him and loves being a "power-crafter!"



"St. Andie," as we often call her has incredible capabilities.  Sometimes we just call her "Tool time" because she can handle a saw and tools with the best of them one minute, and the next she's administering nursing assistance to senior citizens.  Andie is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside, and entertaining on top of everything else!

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