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Bracer Bars for "C" Profile Stretcher Bars, 20-Bar Box

Bracer Bars for "C" Profile Stretcher Bars, 20-Bar Box



1-1/2" x 1/2" bracer bars for securing larger stretcher bar frames.  When secured on the back of a frame between two "C"Profile, 1-1/8" Wide x 1-1/2" Deep stretcher bars, maintains a square product & prevents bowing of larger size stretcher frames.  A bracer bar is needed for any size frame that exceeds 30 inches in any one direction.  NOTE: The actual size of this bracer bar is cut 2" shorter than the size of the stretcher bar and seats flush inside the rabbet on the back of the stretcher frame. For example, a 30" bracer bar will only be 28" actual length. Prices shown do not include shipping. Shipping will be added to each order after packaging. ACTUAL SHIPPING CHARGES WILL BE CALCULATED AND ADDED TO YOUR FINAL INVOICE ONCE YOUR ORDER IS PACKAGED.

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